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Why Choose Vincent?

 Vincent Custom Designs his Magic Shows after Discussing everything with you.


He also can perform for any Age or Size Audience. These include Retirement Residences, Banquet Halls, Party Rooms, , Special Needs Facilities, Daycare Centres, Schools, Outdoor Fairs and Restaurants too!


Vincent often gets called back to perform for the same Customers, so he can perform a New Different Magic Show for the Same Audience.


He is a Singer, Songwriter and Plays Many Musical Instruments! Vincent can add Live Guitar Music and Singing to his Magic Shows!

Vincent also has a Specially Designed Toddler Pre School Show for Very Young Children! 

The Program includes Live Guitar Music and Singing, Puppets, Magic and Bubbles!

He also performs Magic To Music using his Own Original Songs!


Vincent also performs Strolling Close-Up Magic at Weddings, Adult Parties and Company Events!


Vincent holds an Honours Degree in Fine Arts From York University and a Bachelor Of Education Degree from The University of Toronto!


He also has Professional Experience Working With Special Needs Children and Adults!

Call: 416 438-0215